Hi there!



Keep it simple

I am passionate about technology and enjoy helping people bring their ideas to life through software.

Some things I love

  • Taking risks with technology

  • Building mobile apps

  • Designing for ongoing change

  • Delivering fast and then changing

Actual Working Software vs Meetings and Committees


Some details about relevant experience I have had



Grade 4
Played with a TRS80 - Magic Begins

Grade 5
Got first home computer (C64)

Magazine Editor, played a lot of computer games

Electrical Engineering Degree

  • Less Games
  • More Programming
  • Learnt about Relational Databases

Probably spent more time programming for people than going to Uni

Business  I .  (1997-2016)
co-founded PageUp People

Initially building custom software, then a range of web 'modules' for newsletters, SMS messaging, content management and online recruitment.   The online recruitment technology took off!

Helped build that into a global business with a great team.

Business  II (2016-)
Helping some other companies along, some angel investing and generally being a positive influence "this is great, you can do this"

Business  III (2017-)
Building a mobile app in React Native.
More investing.
Some philanthropy, especially in the area of technology.



Some things I'm not that good at

Financials - If you are looking for a detail oriented CFO, probably best to swipe left and move on




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